Water Horse

My Second Water Horse Coat: Pastel Sand

Released my second coat creation last night — Pastel Sand! With this one I wanted to try a lighter coat, and was surprised how much I needed to decrease the shadows from my darker texture. I then added a flurry of small polka dots on top — just to be different! I made the dots removable though, since I know they could interfere with other patterns.

I was able to complete this coat a little faster after going through the initial learning curve this past weekend, but I still feel like there’s so. many. things. to. remember before getting to the final product. Local textures are amazing, but time-consuming to set up if you have more than 1 or 2 textures to test (especially if they expire). Then again, SL is not known for being user friendly haha.

I think I want my next coat to either be really artsy or a nod to the upcoming Kentucky Derby on Saturday. After that, maybe I’ll play with mane/tail/feather textures and see what happens. I also have my eye on an empty shop in the Water Horse Mall!

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