Water Horse

New Mane & Tail Colors

Ventured into unknown territory over the last few days — created 5 new colorful mane/tail textures, plus a fatpack! It took me a while to get everything packaged correctly, but the actual textures themselves didn’t take very long … once I figured out what exactly I needed to do, since there wasn’t an example image.

I also learned more about CasperVend. I have a widescreen monitor, so of course all my SL pictures are widescreen as well. The only 7-panel object I could stretch horizontally (and not vertically) to show them unsquished was the “CasperVend2 7 Panel Mesh v2.12.” I wish the smaller panels in the corners weren’t tilted, but not a huge deal. Definitely happy with how everything looks so far, and after my next creation I’ll need to update some of the single panels to multi-panels!

5 thoughts on “New Mane & Tail Colors

  1. These look great!

    I also had trouble figuring out mane and tail textures. How did you get the texture to apply to the whole tail? Every time I tried, the flexi part was fine, but the base (tailSolid) wouldn’t texture – I’d get this grey or messed up texture instead. I’ve seen other people’s textures having the same issue when I bought them for my horse. I just couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong, and sunk a bunch of time into making my own tails instead. Any tips would be appreciated! 🙂


    1. Thanks! I did notice the base wasn’t texturing on a mane/tail set I got from someone else a few months ago, but I figured something happened to the UUID. For tailSolid, all I did differently from the flexi part is the texture covers the whole square (instead of half) and is a JPG instead of PNG.

      Hope that helps!


      1. I did try that. And I made sure it was JPG instead of PNG, but had no luck. The issue I was having was that the texture didn’t show at all — the solid tail part would look gray and untextured. I tested all sorts of images as appliers and it doesn’t work. If I directly texture it like you would an object, it’s just fine. It’s really frustrating and puzzling.

        I noticed that other shops (Painted Pony) were giving out their own custom tails to deal with the issue. Apparently the tailSolid was a part that was first introduced with the Draft horses, and then later to the light horses. It’s a mystery to me.


    2. Ohh, I didn’t realize it was a known issue, or that it originally came w/ the drafts. I don’t remember having it happen while I was working on them … I’m not sure what else you could try aside from unpacking a new horse/getting a redelivery and see if anything changes (at least that helped when I was having issues with the eye/eyelid) :/ If it works to directly texture, it must be a scripting bug somewhere?

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