Second Life

7 Virtual Years

Today is my 7th rez day in SL — lucky #7! I don’t usually have a habit of doing anything special for it, and I definitely never thought I’d still be in-world when I first logged in in 2011. Back then, while I had made an account for a college assignment in 2007, my laptop at the time was barely able to run it. I think I managed to log in once or twice for the assignment, but after that I forgot SL existed.

Fast forward to 2011, and I saw something about Second Life on TV. At that point I remembered creating an account for school and wondered if it still worked. But I could not for the life of me remember what my username was or find any emails about it (I usually save that type of thing). So I shrugged and created a new one … and the rest is history! The image above was taken in July 2011.

Side note: I eventually did figure out what happened to my original account. As it was something my computer couldn’t handle, I had deleted all emails about it and closed my account. It took the “forgot name” page and an email to Linden Lab to reactivate it, but I have access again. I haven’t really used it for anything though.

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