Second Life

Satellite Shop is Open

While riding around one of my favorite sims, Aero Pines Park, a few days ago, I noticed there were some available retail spaces — so on a whim I rented one! Right next to the Log Flume haha. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to have presence at another long-standing riding location with a mix of shops, though my main landmark will remain at the Water Horse Mall.

Update (on the 21st): Well, that was short-lived. Received a notecard today stating that Aero Pines Park is undergoing a complete overhaul and will be changing its name to Atomic City. Which means I have to remove everything from my shop, but will get 2 free weeks of rent and first choice of shop location once the transformation is done. I wish I’d known this last week … but nothing I can do now. I just hope the horse-friendly vibe doesn’t go away.

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