Water Horse

Long Weekend Releases

Created a few more body coat & tail textures over the weekend!

Pink Haze was originally my attempt at making a glitter coat. When I couldn’t get the glitter effect quite right, I added white appaloosa-esque markings and thought it looked a lot better!
Midnight Smoke is a simple black coat with light wispy swirls along the body. I wanted it to be streamlined with the swirls almost horizontal when the horse/unicorn is extended at a gallop. After adding the kirin antlers and deciding to go mane-less for photos, the unicorn almost looks like a deer!
I came up with the Starry Tail idea after deciding to go mane-less for the photos above. When not wearing a mane, the unicorn tail doesn’t really need to have hair … and I thought stars would be a nice, ethereal replacement.

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