Second Life

Mainland Update

Despite the land ownership issues described in my previous post, I’ve been making progress on building. The first thing I did was put up pine trees around the offending prim, which helped hide it enough to motivate me to keep going! While I heard back from Linden Lab (who understandably can’t do anything), there’s been nothing at all from the group members I contacted. So the waiting continues.

So far I’ve completed the structure of my shop, added landscaping and lights, and created places for people to hang out and relax by the water. I also discovered tonight that the Fantasy Faire Radio stream is available year-round! I have no idea if this is old news, but after encountering so many broken “ambient” stations, I promptly made it my parcel’s audio stream.

The next week in RL is going to be busy, but I’m hoping to at least create one new coat during that time!

3 thoughts on “Mainland Update

  1. I noticed your land is on a stone ground, so I thought to drop this idea to you. Mine was also on stone, and I wanted to change that to grass. Since you can’t change ground textures, I picked up this LandMap.

    It’s a little pricey and doesn’t always map 100% absolutely perfect, but your land is a lot more flat than mine, so it should work pretty well, I’d think. You just have to follow the instructions (it comes with an online step-by-step tutorial), and it maps a mesh prim to the shape of your land, which you can then texture with whatever ground stuff you like. You might have to do some wonky manipulation for that strange-shaped area, or use several maps to get that part done.

    If you like the stone, not a problem. But I was glad to have grass on my land instead! 🙂


    1. Thanks for the link! I ultimately picked pine trees since they grow on mountains lol, but I’m not 100% set on the stone. There’s a tiny bit of grass at the very bottom, but this sounds pretty cool — does it automatically detect the land you own, or do you specify what part should be mapped?


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