Water Horse

New Starry Pattern

After a busy week in RL, I’ve created the Starry Pattern by request — designed to match my Starry Tail for the Unicorn! The pattern, of course, is not limited to just the unicorn and will fit all Water Horse breeds.

I ran into some weird texture issues while creating this though. The body & tail patterns used a very similar design, and the body was perfectly fine — but the tail showed up with hard, rough edges in-world. It was as if gradients or opacity were turned off … but as soon as I added more color information to the file, everything looked normal again. I tried relogging, unpacking a new horse, and also getting a redelivery, but to no avail. I eventually just made the tail work, and matched the body to it.

Side note: I wish Water Horse creators were notified when updates are released. I had version 0.7 of the unicorn, but when I received my redelivery the version jumped up to 1.0. The changelog even said a tail tattoo bug was fixed, but it didn’t help with whatever issue I was experiencing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

One thought on “New Starry Pattern

  1. I had no idea there was a new version of the unicorn out, either. Thanks for the info on that. I’ll have to get a new version, too. I’ve seen some issues with the Unicorn HUD losing texture information from time to time, as well.

    Stars look lovely! Nice work!

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