Second Life

Mainland Shop Opening

After lots of building trial & error, I’m happy to say my mainland shop & park on Janus is officially open! All my Water Horse items are at the top of the hill, and if you go down the stairs on the right side, I’ve set up a little park closer to the lake. I tried to make it a relaxing place for both humans and horses — there’s a tree tunnel, waterfall and pond with various animations, small open space for riding, lookout point, balloon swing, and multi-level deck area with lounge chairs. I also added a small studio above my shop where I can work on textures and photography. I think it will always be a work in progress though — I am considering buying just bought the land next to it, as it felt a little cramped for riding!

I also made progress on the whole offending prim thing. After not hearing back from the first two people I contacted, I sent notecards to all the group admins I could find. One of them replied and was able to remove the box, so very happy about that! He isn’t able to sell me the land though, and referred me back to the group founder … who seems to never be online. So, more waiting on that, and waiting to retexture the ground until it’s resolved.

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