Second Life

Lunistice Has Moved!

As of last night, my Water Horse shop is now in a more central location in the WH Mall (next to The Flying Pony)! While I did enjoy my previous green shop, it felt a little lonely and detached from the rest of the sim and shop owners. The only downside is I have less prims, but I made it work — and I can always buy additional prims if needed.

I also like the design of the storefront a bit more. The doorframe is wider, there are no stairs, and the little cutout area in the back wall is a perfect place for my group gift, Midnight Madness board, etc.

While this move was relatively easy … I’m now toying with the idea of moving my main store as well (because I don’t want to update the landmarks in 70ish product boxes in 3 different areas twice). The land itself is fine, aside from the weird square I don’t own … but my neighbors have decided to build some ugly things. Namely super high apartment complexes with bright orange lines connecting them. I knew this might happen, but this is after them specifically telling me they would “landscape” to better my view.

Plus, if I move to the sim I already own with my partner, I won’t have to worry about lag, stone ground texture, or terraforming limits. And I could expand my park area to cover a bigger area. Decisions, decisions …

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