Second Life

Lunistice (Main Store) Has Moved!

As I hinted in my last post, I’ve decided to move my mainland shop as well — to the sim I share with my partner! We weren’t using the ground level that much, so it made sense to put one of the empty areas to use. In addition to not having to deal with lag or questionable neighborhood builds, I’ll have more prims to experiment with, and will save a few Lindens each month if I can sell the mainland. I also bought a new house that required less hackery to turn into a store. It better fits within the landscape, includes lots of windows to look out over the waterfall and other scenery, and has room to grow.

I need to add the finishing touches to the store this weekend, attempt to update all of my product boxes/landmarks, and then I will gradually add more landscaping and park features. I think this time I’ll have a mix of forest and beach areas, and will incorporate all of the “attractions” from my mainland (zip lines, butterfly cave, gaming treehouse, balloon bridge, etc.).

Fingers crossed this is Lunistice’s last move!

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