Second Life

New Main Store Location!

As I mentioned on Flickr earlier this week, I’ve decided to move my main store back to the mainland! After getting a home in Bellisseria, I realized I missed the community feel and expansiveness that comes with a continent. I also don’t need an entire sim — or the rental fees that come with it — though I did enjoy the prims, land options, and less lag.

This time I wanted to be in a place I loved, so I made sure to thoroughly inspect the property lines & neighborhood before buying (something I didn’t really do for my first mainland experience). I also wanted a place I’d be happy to call home, in the unlikely event of my store closing.

After checking out a bunch of locations, I noticed a forum thread for a 1024 plot in Nautilus. But not just any plot — a double prim, 4-way protected plot. I’d never seen that much “protection” before, so I went to investigate. On arrival, I was greeted with a parcel that bordered a huge Linden park, which in turn bordered a canal. The rest was surrounded by wide Linden walkways, save for a shared border with an adjacent parcel. These walkways were raised a couple meters above the land, so they also acted as walls, and included a set of stairs down to the parcel level.

Then I noticed the adjacent parcel was for sale from a different person. And I realized that would be perfect … 2048 meters, 1400ish prims, 100% protected, and with walkways that allow for breathing room from the neighbors. Plus direct access to a park that takes up half the region! Now, Nautilus isn’t cheap, but I felt like all these perks were worth it — and after flying around the continent, it was one of the least expensive parcels there. The only cons are neighbors with breedables, but I’m hoping they disappear eventually.

I gave myself a couple days to think about it and keep looking around, but I kept coming back. So I knew I needed to act — as long as I never ever move again 🙂 I’m still putting the finishing touches on everything, but come visit the next time you’re in-world!

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