Second Life

Main Store Updates

Lucky Chairs

I’ve been debating setting these out for a while, but I finally have my main store organized in a way that makes sense for them! I’m starting with 2 chairs (for group members only), and they’re placed directly to the left of the landing point. Everything in my store (except gift cards, gachas, and items at events) is eligible to be won!

Gacha Demo Rezzer

Gachas aren’t my favorite thing, but I do have 2 of them! One of my pet peeves about gachas in general is how tiny the image keys are, plus there usually aren’t demos of all the prizes inside. I finally decided to fix that for mine, and created a demo rezzer (with purchasing disabled) for each item! Now everything can be seen how it’d actually look in-world. Try it out in my demo area behind the landing point.

Reminder: I like to keep gachas fair — that’s why there are no rares, and the prizes are set to copy (no mod/no trans).

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