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Arctic Nights for Teegle & Jinx Centaur

Arctic Nights for Teegle & the Jinx Centaur is now available at the SL Christmas Expo! This is a new wintry skin featuring dark blue/purple colors and windblown snow:

100% of the proceeds from these skins will go directly to the American Cancer Society for the duration of the Expo. I also have my Icicle skin for Teegle available as a stocking stuffer for L$25 🙂

The event is open now until December 13th. Visit my booth directly here!

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Mossy Forest for Jinx Centaur & Teegle

For the drow-themed Twisted Hunt Fall 2020, I’ve converted my woodsy Mossy Forest skin over to work with the Jinx Centaur & Teegle! This skin fits all centaur sizes, the Teegle avatar, and all Teeglepets:

Hidden around my main store are 3 small rotating cubes that contain one of the items above. But beware, you may run into decoys! The hunt starts today and lasts all month.

If you’ve never participated in the Twisted Hunt before (or need a refresher), check out these pages:

Happy cube-hunting!

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Fantasy Faire 2020

Fantasy Faire is here once again, and opens today! This year I’m in the Autumnium region (sponsored by Teegle), with new Twilight Rain skins for Teegle & the Jinx Centaur:

All proceeds from these skins go directly to Relay for Life for the duration of the event. Wing textures for the new Teeglepet Pegasus — debuting at the Faire — are included with the Teegle version!

Visit my booth directly here (until the Faire closes on May 10th)!

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Paisley Dream for Jinx Centaur

For this year’s CasperTech Easter Egg Hunt — I’ve created a white/tintable paisley tattoo with transparency for the Jinx Centaur! On the centaurs above, the left one is wearing the tattoo straight out of the box — the right one has been tinted black via the HUD. Requires the Jinx Centaur Tattoo Layer.

The hunt starts today and lasts ’til the 15th. To begin, click on the Easter Egg Hunt sign at my main store to get your HUD, then look for the golden egg!