Second Life

Lunistice in the Sky

In an effort to combat lag at ground level, I’ve just finished moving Lunistice up to a sky platform! I’ve also simplified the store layout a bit — making it more open and easier to find things (especially the demo rezzers).

The landmark is the same, just 1500m higher 🙂 Check it out here:

Second Life

Main Store Updates

Lucky Chairs

I’ve been debating setting these out for a while, but I finally have my main store organized in a way that makes sense for them! I’m starting with 2 chairs (for group members only), and they’re placed directly to the left of the landing point. Everything in my store (except gift cards, gachas, and items at events) is eligible to be won!

Gacha Demo Rezzer

Gachas aren’t my favorite thing, but I do have 2 of them! One of my pet peeves about gachas in general is how tiny the image keys are, plus there usually aren’t demos of all the prizes inside. I finally decided to fix that for mine, and created a demo rezzer (with purchasing disabled) for each item! Now everything can be seen how it’d actually look in-world. Try it out in my demo area behind the landing point.

Reminder: I like to keep gachas fair — that’s why there are no rares, and the prizes are set to copy (no mod/no trans).

Second Life

Pre-Paying for Premium

Disclaimer: I’m mostly posting this as a note for myself/documentation, as I’m sure this is old news to seasoned SLers. But, hopefully it’s useful to others!

After the news of all the SL changes came out at the end of May, I followed a lot of the replies to Grumpity’s post on the forums. People started mentioning the cost savings of “land alts,” which I’d never used before, so I started looking into what that entailed. Basically it’s using a premium account solely to take advantage of the free 1024m of mainland that comes with it. The avatar donates their 1024m to a group they’re in that owns mainland, which negates the need to pay for the parcel. If the parcel is larger than 1024m, the group owner is required to pay for the remainder, unless additional land is donated.

In my case, my new mainland parcel is 2048m, so I’d need 2 premium accounts to offset the cost — luckily I have 2 alts that I never use (my main uses her 1024m for Bellisseria). With the cost of premium rising from $72 to $99/year on June 24th, all users have the option to pre-pay for an extra cycle at the lower price before that date. Forking over $216 for 3 accounts at once to take advantage of this makes me cringe a little … but the value is in the stipend:

Things Not Changing:
2048m mainland parcel = $13/month = $156/year (without premium)
Weekly stipend: 300L = 14,400L yearly = ~$60

Old Plan:
Premium account (annual plan): $72
$72 – $60 = $12 total
$12 x 2 premium accounts: $24

New Plan:
Premium account (annual plan): $99
$99 – $60 = $39 total
$39 x 2 premium accounts: $78

The answer is obvious — while it’s a lot of money up front, using “land alts” to offset mainland costs definitely saves money, even on the new plan! I’d much rather pay $78 than $156. Plus, if my main account runs low on lindens, I can grab extra from my alts with their stipend.

Another perk of group-owned land is the automatic 10% land bonus. For example, my mainland parcel is 2048m, but I now have an extra 205m of mainland to use.

Last weekend I spent time fiddling with my land group, switching my mainland parcel to be group-owned, and upgrading my 2 alts to premium. I also plan to pre-pay for all 3 of my accounts *cringe* sometime before the 24th. Side note: When a parcel is changed to group-owned, not all of the land settings are preserved, so make sure to double-check them afterwards. I didn’t realize I needed to do that, so some things were off for a few days.

Happy premium-ing!

Second Life

New Main Store Location!

As I mentioned on Flickr earlier this week, I’ve decided to move my main store back to the mainland! After getting a home in Bellisseria, I realized I missed the community feel and expansiveness that comes with a continent. I also don’t need an entire sim — or the rental fees that come with it — though I did enjoy the prims, land options, and less lag.

This time I wanted to be in a place I loved, so I made sure to thoroughly inspect the property lines & neighborhood before buying (something I didn’t really do for my first mainland experience). I also wanted a place I’d be happy to call home, in the unlikely event of my store closing.

After checking out a bunch of locations, I noticed a forum thread for a 1024 plot in Nautilus. But not just any plot — a double prim, 4-way protected plot. I’d never seen that much “protection” before, so I went to investigate. On arrival, I was greeted with a parcel that bordered a huge Linden park, which in turn bordered a canal. The rest was surrounded by wide Linden walkways, save for a shared border with an adjacent parcel. These walkways were raised a couple meters above the land, so they also acted as walls, and included a set of stairs down to the parcel level.

Then I noticed the adjacent parcel was for sale from a different person. And I realized that would be perfect … 2048 meters, 1400ish prims, 100% protected, and with walkways that allow for breathing room from the neighbors. Plus direct access to a park that takes up half the region! Now, Nautilus isn’t cheap, but I felt like all these perks were worth it — and after flying around the continent, it was one of the least expensive parcels there. The only cons are neighbors with breedables, but I’m hoping they disappear eventually.

I gave myself a couple days to think about it and keep looking around, but I kept coming back. So I knew I needed to act — as long as I never ever move again 🙂 I’m still putting the finishing touches on everything, but come visit the next time you’re in-world!